Dear Friends,

Welcome to my website Butterfly-Whisper-Spirit.com.

I invite you to browse through the pages, where you can


-  read stories that are true – and sometimes magical - and happened to me

   or my family -

-  stories that left my heart through my pen to manifest on paper  -

-  smile – or just simply laugh out loud – about the little funny things that    

   happen all around us and that we all too often fail to recognize  -

-  find beautiful photos of nature and my garden and more  -

-  enjoy pictures of my paintings and clay art  -

-  even purchase a piece or two if your heart resonates with what you see.


And I invite you to leave me a little thought or what you want to let me know in my guestbook, of course only if you want to do so.


I hope you enjoy your stay and that it be a relaxing one.

And maybe you can even take a little smile in your face and light in your heart home with you and the wish to visit here again.


Thank you for visiting.



Love, Light and Peace,

Veronika Talks-with-Butterflies